Private Fleet

Wash System

Our Private Fleet Wash Systems provide the lowest cost-per-wash while reaching the ultimate goal of a clean vehicle. Whether your goal is a simple, basic system or a more detailed wash, we can customize our wash equipment to fit your needs.


We are the manufacturer of the equipment and detergents - we work hard to provide the best solution for your specific situation. We also offer our Elite Fleet Program for companies looking for a simple wash with little to no upfront cost.

Why Does Your Fleet Need An Automated Truck Wash?

  • It reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the vehicle.

    • Salt and other de-icing chemicals used on today’s roads are extremely corrosive.

    • A clean truck also makes it easier to notice any issues like chafing hoses, cracks and other damage. If components and other parts are covered in a layer of grime, dirt, or road film, problems are much harder to spot.

  • People trust a company that looks professional and clean.

    • It improves your company's image and provides better advertising.

    • After planning, designing, and putting graphics on the truck, make sure people can clearly see it!  It makes a great impression on potential customers and suppliers and acts as a moving billboard.

  • Drivers become easier to recruit and retain when they drive clean, well maintained trucks.

    • It helps build your drivers' pride

    • They’re also more likely to take better care of a clean vehicle that they feel proud to drive.

  • It reduces labor costs

    • An automated truck wash system is faster and more efficient than paying an employee or an outside company to clean your fleet.

  • It can reduce DOT inspections and prevent costly delays

    • A truck that is clean and maintained on the outside is less likely to have a need to check inside.

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