Surface & Undercarriage Cleaners

No matter how tough or large the size of the surface cleaning job, Hydro-Chem Systems provides a wide range of surfaces cleaners for all of your commercial cleaning needs.


These surface cleaners connect to a pressure washer and use a spray bar rotating at a high speed within 1” of the ground. It will allow you to clean concrete 10-20 times faster and more consistently than an operator with a wand, with less fatigue and less water. Combining hot water with any of our surface cleaners will easily allow you to remove the toughest of grease or grime while eliminating the need for soap pre-treatment in most applications.

Hydro-Chem Systems provides mobile undercarriage cleaners for easily getting the underside of your vehicle or equipment clean. These mobile undercarriage cleaners come in either a low or high profile that will clean the undercarriages of vehicles and equipment of any size.

This machine is great for agricultural machines, boats, heavy equipment, and fleets that accrue heavy buildup of debris, dirt, and grime on their undercarriage. Keeping the undercarriage of these machines and vehicles clean prevents costly repairs and lowers your overall maintenance costs.

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