Undercarriage Wash System

With the need for trucks to have the undercarriage sanitized and/or the salt removed, HCS has developed an undercarriage wash that can be placed anywhere you have electricity and water without the need of cutting in a trench to clean and disinfect the underside of your vehicle.

Private Fleet Wash

Elite Fleet Program

Commercial Public Wash



Municipality Wash

Heavy Duty Wash

Bio-Security Wash



We offer 2 separate models with different volumes in each to meet your needs.

The combo unit typically would use a moderate volume of diluted sanitizer that would be pumped through the undercarriage while it is washing the underside, and the wheels of your truck. This unit would use one module.

The upgraded option includes 2 modules; the first module has an upgraded pump for washing more debris off the underside of the truck, and the second module uses a low volume of sanitizer to disinfect the truck.

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